A photo of the right profile of Muhal Richard Abrams playing the piano copyright 2014 Richarda Abrams


December 11, 2016 & December 18, 2016, THE MUHAL RICHARD ABRAMS ORCHESTRA REHEARSALS,
presented by Muhal Richard Abrams at Carroll Music Studios
New York, NY
(Please note this event is FREE to the public. Please register online.)

October 28, 2016, MUHAL RICHARD ABRAMS TRIO, AACM New York Chapter, Inc. 2016 Concert Series New York, NY

January 31, 2016, MUHAL RICHARD ABRAMS QUINTET, Aperitivo In Concerto Milano, ITALY

January 29, 2016, MUHAL RICHARD ABRAMS SOLO PIANO, Sons D'Hiver Festival Paris, FRANCE